A high-shine, super-sparkle lip topper that feels lightweight and moisturizing. The colors pop with a unicorn holographic effect. This liquid-latex finish is perfect as your go-to gleam, in concentrated, and creamy colors


100 Blas? Bluff, 110 Raw Sugar, 120 Rose Xcess, 200 Proven Innocent, 220 Shock & Awe, 230 Juiced Up, 300 Hot, 310 Bar Red, 320 Burning Love, 400 Rebel Glam, 410 Love Object, 202 Cosmic Candy, 130 Strapless, 140 Naked City, 430 Crazy Beautiful, 450 Orchid Infinity, 350 Sly Wink, 460 Ripped Raisin, 370 Poc, 360 Flash Chill


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Pure Color Love Lipstick 3.5g


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