The Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick provides intense colour with a full creamy finish. It helps to define the lips with multi-faceted pigments for a sculpting effect. The Time-Release Moisture Complex provides a sealing moisture effect that maintains hydration for longer, ensuring soft and smooth lips with up to 8 hours of wear.


Defiant Coral 320, Impassioned 330, Powerful 220, Insolent Plum 450, Dynamic 410, Rebellious Rose, Emotional 140, Intense Nude 130, Irresistible 440, Decadent 150, Nude To Brown/ Discreet 160, Pink To Berry/Eccentric 260, Envious 340, Vengeful Red 350, Impulsive 210, Carnal 520, Naked Desire 122, Knockout Nude 184, Bare Instinct 124, 291 Nude Rouge, Nude Mood 292, Nude Scene 293, Coral To Red Paris 8, Coral To Red Sydne 7, Coral To Red Sydne 9, Jealous 270


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