A formula infused with porous silica, which creates a long-wearing mattifying veil on the skin for a perfect complexion and a natural finish. Enriched with highly elastic stretch micro-pearls, blends perfectly into the skin and follows all of its movements, leaving a sensation of lightness and comfort. With its dual-sided applicator, creates a smooth, even-toned complexion in seconds. Honeycombed on one side, the applicator collects the foundation and ensures comfortable application without creasing. The other side is flocked to perfect application to dips and hollows, smooth contours and eliminate any excess powder for custom coverage. Its notes of violet with hints of rice powder provide a feeling of well-being upon application and then instantly fade


01N Tres Clair, 02C Clair Rose, 02N Clair, 03N Naturel, 03W Naturel, 04N Moyen, 04W Moyen Do


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