Le Phyto Rouge is a lipstick with a skincare effect with an ultra-silk texture that, when applied, merges with the lips, moisturizes, smoothes and sharpens the contour. The Intense Moisturizing Complex of Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres and Glucomannan instantly plumps, smoothes and plumps lips.
With repeated applications, Le Phyto Rouge helps to preserve the youthfulness of the lips: a cocktail of oils provides nourishment, elasticity and softness. Day after day, the lips become softer and more elastic. The new generation gel texture is instantly absorbed like a fluid and creates a feeling of incomparable, long-lasting comfort.
The combination of ultra-pure pigments provides instant color and a radiant finish. The lipstick is available in a palette of 20 radiant shades, from the most natural natural to the brightest, adapted to all skin tones.
Magnetic case with striped zebra design, elegant and modern, contains a faceted shaft for superior and precise application.


No10 Beige Jaipu, No11 Beige Tahiti, No12 Beige Bali, No13 Beige Eldorado, No14 Beige Copacabana, No20 Rose Portofino, No21 Rose Nouma, No22 Rose Paris, No23 Rose Delhi, No24 Rose Santa Fe, No25 Rose Kyoto, No26 Rose Granada, No30 Orange Ibiza, No31 Orange Acapulco, No32 Orange Calvi, No33 Orange Sevilla, No40 Rouge Monaco, No41 Rouge Miami, No42 Rouge Rio, No43 Rouge Capri


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