All beautiful things start with a vision, a dream? Est?e Lauder is a visionary brand that makes every woman dream. Since the early days, the philosophy has been the same: the desire to give the best to each of us. Est?e Lauder combines the best of research, innovation and service to deliver avant-garde technology for care, professional make-up and perfumes with a reputation. Est?e Lauder takes care every day that we are women, that we are beautiful and that we can be ourselves.
Est?e Lauder, who died in 2004, learned the art of making facial creams at a young age from her Hungarian uncle and has since applied her product knowledge to many other products. This has ensured that Estee Lauder offers an endless range of cosmetic products and is one of the most successful cosmetic brands in the world. Est?e Lauder cosmetics include various masks, serums, lotions, lift products, powders, eyeliners and much more; for every skin type, for every age.


Fresco 2C3, Pale Almond 2C2, Outdoor Beige 4C1, Pebble 3C2, Shell Beige 4N1, Auburn 4C2, Desert 2N1, Ecru 1N2, Bone 1W1, Sand 1W2, Tawny 3W1, Bronze 5W1, Henna 4W3, Rich C 5W2, Ivory Rose 2C4, Rattan 2W2, Cashew 3W2, Spiced Sand 4N2, Petal 1C2, Porcelain 1N0, Buff 2N2, Fawn 3W1.5, Maple 5N1.5, Cinnamon 5W1.5, Dawn 2W1, Cool Bone 1C1, Sandbar 3C3, Honey Bronze 4W1, Amber Honey 5N2, Pecan 6C2, Toasty Toffee 4W2, Warm Porcelain 1W0, Natural Suede 2W1.5, Maple Sugar 4N3, Hazel 4W4, Softan, Sandalwood 6W1, Warm Vanilla /1Floz


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